When Collecting Judgments, It Pays to Know a Debtor’s Assets

If we could point to one thing that most of our collection efforts ride on, it would be debtor assets. After all, a debtor without assets may be legitimately unable to make good on their debt. That's why it pays to know a debtor's assets. If we know what a debtor owns, we can find a way to get the judgment taken care of. Our job as judgment collectors is to use the tools and methodologies available to us to uncover debtor assets. Once uncovered, we have leverage to encourage the debtor to pay. Oftentimes that means being able to work out a payment agreement to the satisfaction of everyone involved. Other times, we are left with no choice b...

Published December 28, 2021


Judgment Collectors and Collection Agencies: The Differences

Judgment Collectors is a firm that specializes in collecting unpaid court judgments. You could make the case that we are a collection agency of sorts. However, there are some key differences between general debt collection and judgment collection. As such, collection agencies that market themselves as judgment collectors go above and beyond general debt collection. If this all sounds confusing, don't worry. It is not unusual for new clients to not fully understand how judgment collection works when first contacting us. They don't fully understand that specializing in judgment collection requires us to do things a bit differently. Gene...

Published December 14, 2021


Give Us Your Judgments – 5 Better Uses of Your Company’s Time

Would you agree with the adage that says, 'time is money'? If so, every minute your company spends on chasing down unpaid judgments represents time that is not spent generating revenue. Every minute spent on judgments represents less money earned. So if you're wasting your company's time, why not turn your judgments over to Judgment Collectors instead? Judgment Collectors is a business. And just like with your business, there are some things our business is not built to do. We don't try to do them. Instead, we leave them to other companies who are experts at what they do. Our message about unpaid judgments is the same. We are the experts. ...

Published November 30, 2021


Even State Borders Don’t Deter Good Judgment Collectors

Judgment Collectors is part of a very challenging industry. The nature of this particular type of debt collection is such that the majority of judgments entered in this country are never paid. There are multiple reasons for this, including a lack of time and resources among creditors. Sometimes it's just a little as state borders in the way. That is where we come in. We are particularly good at what we do because it is all we do. We have the time and resources to devote exclusively to collecting judgments. We also have the knowledge, tools, and resources to prevail against debtors who would otherwise attempt to avoid paying. Not even state...

Published November 16, 2021


4 Options After Winning a Judgment Against a Debtor

As a business owner, you made the difficult decision to take one of your customers to court. You and your attorneys prevailed. The court entered a judgment in your favor, one that requires the customer to pay what is legally owed along with your company's court and attorney’s fees. But what options after winning do you have? You have also discovered that courts, despite entering judgments against debtors, do not enforce said judgments. Except under rare circumstances requiring additional court intervention, enforcement is left to creditors. You have come to the conclusion that, if the debt is ever going to be paid, you or an agent of you...

Published November 2, 2021


How Much Time Does Your Company Spend Chasing Bad Debts?

Bad debts are a risk that every business faces. Moreover, the smaller the business, the greater the risk. Companies can find themselves investing so much time chasing bad debts that they are not actually serving their own customers properly. That says nothing of the financial resources they put into debt collection. How much time does your company spend chasing bad debts? We ask because, at least where judgments are concerned, we can help. We named our company Judgment Collectors so that there is no ambiguity about what we do. If your company is holding any unpaid judgments, we are here to help. We serve clients in the following six states...

Published October 5, 2021