So many judgment creditors fail to collect because they lack the knowledge, resources, and tools required to enforce the court’s decision. We have all three. In terms of knowledge, we have been in the judgment collection game long enough to know exactly how debtors operate. Each member of our team is fully knowledgeable in the law as well.

Where resources are concerned, turning your judgments over to us means not spending another time or investing another minute in collection. We cover the financial costs of everything we do. We put in the time tracking down debtors and discovering their assets.

We also have access to both public and proprietary tools that make us very successful. Needless to say that debtors cannot hide from us forever. They cannot hide their assets either. We will find and collect
from them.


Judgment collection in Georgia is not a haphazard enterprise. State law dictates exactly how we can do things in the Peach State. As such, we follow a four-step process designed to get results:



Judgment Submission

You submit a copy of your judgment by sending it to us electronically. We accept Excel, PDF, and Word doc files.


We Get to Work

Once we receive your document and you sign a placement agreement, we get right to work. We use every tool at our disposal to find the debtor and assess their assets.


We Turn Assets Into Cash

When we find the debtor’s assets, we seek to turn those into cash to pay you. If the debtor is working, we will garnish their wages. If no assets or jobs are immediately found, we will continue to monitor the debtor’s situation to see if payment sources emerge.


You Get Paid

If we do our job well, the result is that you get paid. And because we work on a contingency basis, you do not pay us unless we succeed.


Attempting to collect on your outstanding Georgia judgments has only prevented your organization from doing what you do best. We want to help you put an end to that. By turning your judgments over to Judgment Collectors, you can get back to your business with all the time and effort it deserves.

Your customers depend on you for high value goods or services. They trust you to meet their needs, to take good care of them throughout their entire journey with you. You have every right to expect the same from us. You can depend on us; we will deliver.

While you and your team get back to serving your customers, we will get to work tracking down your debtors and collecting what they owe. Our Georgia judgment collection team is standing by and ready to go. What do you have to lose? Only the hassles of trying to collect judgments in-house.