Every new case starts with an initial consultation. Some of our clients prefer to have that consultation over the phone while others send copies of their judgments to us electronically. We are happy to accept emailed document

s in one of several well-known formats. The initial consultation helps us understand that particular judgment and what the client has attempted to accomplish in the past.

After reviewing the case, we then prepare a placement agreement. We may have questions in need of answers before a placement agreement is delivered.



The placement agreement we prepare assigns the judgment to us. It gives us the authority to pursue the debtor and collect on behalf of the client. Included in the placement agreement is our fee schedule. Clients are free to review that agreement and ask any questions they might have.



Once we have a signed placement agreement, we immediately get to work. The client no longer bears any financial responsibilities for tracking down and collecting the judgment. We cover all our own costs from beginning to end.

Moreover, a signed placement agreement turns all the hassles of collecting over to us. The client no longer has to invest time or effort in pursuing a bad debt.

We have a variety of tools at our disposal. Among them are proprietary databases that help us track down assets. Rest assured that we do everything we can within the confines of the law to find debtors and encourage them to pay.


Please note that clients often come to us because they have been unsuccessful in collecting on their own. If your organization is in that position, know that it is not your fault. Research and investigation matter in this business. Your organization cannot be expected to have the necessary resources to research and investigate as thoroughly as we can.

We do what we do based on skill, knowledge, and a full understanding of how debtors attempt to avoid paying. We have seen it all. We are familiar with how debtors attempt to hide their assets. We know how they attempt to hide themselves. It is our job to find them and their assets so that you can get paid.

If you have one or more judgments waiting to be collected, do not put another dime into your efforts. Don’t waste any more time searching down bad debtors and their assets. Turn your judgments over tous and let us work our magic for you. Remember, we work on a contingency model. It costs you nothing to place your judgments with Judgment Collectors.