Judgment Collectors does not buy debts from clients. Rather, we work on contingency. Doing so gives us the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities without exposing clients to additional risk. Turning your judgments over to us means you do not risk another penny on those outstanding debts. We take on all the risk by fully covering the costs of what we do.

We follow a simple and straightforward process for engaging with new clients. Our goal is to make onboarding as easy and seamless as possible. As for the actual judgment collection process, we prefer to keep quiet about our methods and strategies. There is no need to tip off the very debtors we work so hard to collect from.

debt collection on debt


How difficult is it to collect a judgment? While very few judgments are collected without at least some resistance, the right process makes all the difference in the world. Our judgment collection process has proven effective time after time. Here is how it works:


The Initial Consultation

Every new case starts with an initial consultation that helps us understand that particular judgment and what the client has already accomplished. We review the case before preparing a placement agreement to be submitted to the client for approval. During the preparation, we may have questions that need answered in order to deliver an acceptable agreement.

To prepare the agreement, we require a copy of the judgment in question; additional documents may be requested. All documents can be submitted electronically. After receiving a placement agreement, the client has the opportunity to accept or decline.


Client Review and Signature

The placement agreement we prepare assigns the judgment to us. It gives us the legal authority to pursue the debtor and collect on behalf of the client.

Included in the placement agreement is our fee schedule. Clients are free to review the agreement and ask any questions they might have. If the agreement is acceptable, it is signed and returned to us.


We Get to Work

With a signed placement agreement, we can immediately get to work. The client no longer bears any financial responsibilities for tracking down the debtor and collecting the judgment. We cover all the costs from beginning to end.

Note that a signed placement agreement puts all the responsibility of collecting on us. The client does not need to invest time or effort in pursuing the debt.

Rest assured that we have a variety of tools at our disposal, including proprietary databases for tracking down debtors and their assets. We do everything we can within the confines of the law to find debtors and encourage them to pay.

Investigation and Research Matter

We succeed partly due to our proven judgment collection process, but there is more to it than that. Clients often come to us because they lack the time and resources to devote to investigation research. Without both, collection is much more difficult.

You or your company may have failed to collect on past judgments for this very reason. Know that you are not alone. Investigation and research matter a great deal when it comes to successful collections. Our clients are experts in their own fields, not investigation and research. They come to us because we can do what they cannot.

We succeed through skill, knowledge, and a full understanding of how debtors attempt to avoid paying. We are familiar with the strategies they rely on to hide themselves and their assets. Over the years, we have seen it all. We are not fooled one bit.

If you have one or more outstanding judgments, do not put another dime into collection efforts. Don’t waste any more time trying to track down debtors and their assets. Instead, turn your judgments over to us.

We work on a contingency model that mitigates any and all future risk you or your company might otherwise face. It costs you nothing to take advantage of our proven judgment collection process.