Judgment Collection in Ohio

Ohio is known for its top-notch collegiate sports teams, two music halls of fame, the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and fine cities like Cleveland and Cincinnati. Yet even with all the good the Buckeye State has to offer, there are also people in Ohio who don’t pay their debts. Many of them are judgment debtors.

If you have an outstanding judgment in Ohio, you know firsthand that collecting from uncooperative debtors is one of the most difficult tasks a business can pursue. Things are hard enough when debtors fail to cooperate. But matters are complicated by a legal system that sometimes appears to work against

You may be frustrated by a lack of progress in collecting your outstanding judgments. We understand the frustration. We are here to help alleviate it by taking over collection efforts for you. As an Ohio collection agency, we specialize in judgments. They get our full and exclusive attention.

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We Are Your Advocate

We have helped plenty of clients that have expressed feeling like they were stuck in an ‘us vs. them’ situation with no possible resolution. Turning your judgments over to us means letting us be your advocate. Let us deal with the debtor. Let us handle finding them, finding their assets, and generally researching them to find if there are ways we can pursue for payment. It is what we do best.

Bear in mind that judgments in Ohio are governed by state law. Rest assured that our Ohio team is fully versed in the law and the tools it makes available to judgment creditors. We will use all those tools to
your advantage in order to find your debtors and secure payment.

We do not require a whole lot to get started. Here's how it works:


Judgment Submission
You submit a copy of your judgment by sending it to us electronically. We accept Excel, PDF, and Word doc files.


We Get to Work
Once we receive your document and you sign a placement agreement, we get right to work. We use every tool at our disposal to find the debtor and assess their assets.


We Turn Assets Into Cash
When we find the debtor’s assets, we seek to turn those into cash to pay you. If the debtor is working, we will garnish their wages. If no assets or jobs are immediately found, we will continue to monitor the debtor’s situation to see if payment sources emerge.


You Get Paid
If we do our job well, the result is that you get paid. And because we work on a contingency basis, you do not pay us unless we succeed.

You Risk Nothing

The fact that we work on contingency means you risk nothing by turning judgments over to us. Again, you pay nothing until we collect. You do not pay a dime to cover any of our costs. We cover those costs ourselves. You are free to get back to your business and customers while we handle collection efforts.

Given the risk-free nature of working with Judgment Collectors, what do you have to lose except the hassles and grief that come with in-house collection? Absolutely nothing. We take the risk; you enjoy the payoff.

If outstanding Ohio judgments have your company bogged down in an endless cycle of trying to make contact with uncooperative debtors, let us put an end to that. Judgment Collectors is standing by to step in and take over collection efforts. If we cannot deliver, nobody can.