Judgment Collection in Washington

From Seattle to Olympia, Washington debtors cannot escape us forever. We are Washington judgment collectors with years of experience and accumulated knowledge. We know every trick in the book for tracking down and making contact with judgment debtors. We use every tool at our disposal to make sure they pay.

Does your company have any outstanding judgments still waiting to be settled? If so, stop spending time and effort on them. Turn them over to Judgment Collectors and get back to doing what your company does best. You are the experts in whatever business you are engaged in. We are the experts in Washington judgment collection.

Researching Unpaid Washington Judgments

The secret to our success is research. We take a good, hard look at every debtor who comes our way. We track down addresses, jobs, and assets. We gain the upper hand by knowing everything we can about debtors before making contact with them. Once they hear from us, they know it’s time to pay up.

We get the fact that some debtors do not pay because they have few resources. Others simply choose not to pay. In either case, there are means we can employ to encourage prompt payment. That’s exactly what we do.

Note that Washington judgments are enforceable for 10 years. A judgment can be extended for another 10 years if you get to the court in time. But turning your judgment over to us saves you from the administrative headaches. If you have any outstanding judgments in Washington, stop spending your precious time and financial resources chasing them. Let us chase them for you.

How to Begin Judgment Collection in Washington

We take pride in making judgment collection as easy as possible for our Washington clients. We make it simple and straightforward. And so there’s no risk to you, we work on a contingency basis.

Here's how it works:


Judgment Submission
You submit a copy of your judgment by sending it to us electronically. We accept Excel, PDF, and Word DOC files.


We Get to Work
Once we receive your document and you sign a placement agreement, we get right to work. We use every tool at our disposal to find the debtor and assess his or her assets.


We Make Contact
Once we find the debtor, we make contact. We attempt to arrange payment through the most appropriate means necessary. This could mean a voluntary payment plan, wage garnishment, etc.


You Get Paid
If we do our job well, the end result is that you get paid. And because we work on a contingency basis, you don’t pay us unless we succeed.

We encourage debtors to pay voluntarily whenever possible. If necessary, we initiate proceedings against an uncooperative debtor to ensure payment. Meanwhile, your organization isn’t putting any more time or effort into pursuing a bad debt. You’re free from the hassle and expense.

Why choose Judgment Collectors in Washington? Because we offer years of combined experience and proven results backed by a contingency model that eliminates all financial risk on your part.

We specialize in Washington judgment collection. If you have any outstanding judgments you want taken care of quickly, reach out to us right away. Our experienced collection team is ready to get to work.