What Do Typical Judgment Collection Services Look Like?

Here at Judgment Collectors, we offer a highly specialized service that goes above and beyond general debt collection. We are more than just a general collection agency. We focus exclusively on judgments, utilizing every tool at our disposal to ensure creditors get paid. Perhaps you are wondering what judgment collection services look like. If so, you're in the right place. This post will outline what judgment collection agencies like ours do for clients. We don't want to get into the details though, because we do not want to tip off debtors. The less they know about what we do, the better it is for our clients. Post-Judgment Discovery ...

Published September 6, 2022


6 Important Things to Know About Collecting Judgments in Texas

We recently published a post discussing important things to know about collecting judgments in Utah. Being that we are licensed to operate in a total of six states, we thought it might be wise to discuss collecting judgments in all of them. This post will focus on collecting judgments in Texas. In some ways, judgment collection in Texas is more challenging compared to other states. But judgment creditors do have options. Texas law doesn't leave them hanging out to dry. 1. Enforcement Left to Creditors Just as in every other state we collect judgments in, Texas leaves judgment enforcement to the creditor. The judgment itself is nothing mo...

Published August 23, 2022


4 Important Things to Know About Collecting Judgments in Utah

Regular readers of our blog know that states regulate civil judgments according to their own laws. We are active in six states including California, Washington, and Idaho. Needless to say, some of the laws in these other states vary quite a bit from the laws on collecting judgments in Utah. It is important to understand the law before you attempt to collect a judgment in any state. The law tells you what you can and cannot do. Sometimes, the law even tells you what you should do – even though you may not be required to do that particular thing. To illustrate all of this, here are four important things to know about collecting judgment...

Published August 9, 2022


Why Self-Employed Creditors Should Outsource Judgment Collection

As a judgment collection agency active in multiple states, we have had the privilege of interacting with self-employed people in Utah, California, Arizona, and several other states. These are generally good people who sincerely just want to get paid and get on with their lives. We are happy to help. This leads us to a question we hear quite often: should self-employed creditors outsource judgment collection or handle it on their own? By their nature, the self-employed tend to be a resilient bunch. They tend to be self-reliant in nearly every aspect of life and business. So it wouldn't be surprising for a self-employed person to win judgmen...

Published July 26, 2022


What Is a California Order of Examination?

Rules governing civil judgments vary from one state to the next. As an organization that specializes in judgment collection in California, we make it our business to fully understand the rules in the Golden State. For example, we are aware of the fact that California law provides for an Order of Examination (OE) in the event a debtor chooses not to pay. The OE is one of several tools California judgment collectors have to work with. It goes above and beyond the simple disclosure debtors are expected to provide immediately after a judgment is entered against them. Unlike simple disclosure, an Order of Examination is issued by the court. It ...

Published July 7, 2022


Top 4 California Judgment Collection FAQs

California is somewhat unique among the fifty states. Just in terms of its legal system, there are things in California law that you will not find anywhere else. We have spent the last several months emphasizing that very fact on our blog. Collecting judgments in California requires knowing what the law says. And for many of our California clients, it also means answering some frequently asked questions. Questions are something we are used to. In our business, there are a lot of them. Below are the top four FAQs we hear in relation to California judgments: 1. How long is a California judgment good for? Civil judgments in nearly every sta...

Published June 30, 2022