What Are Money Judgments in California?

If you know anything about the judgment collection industry, you might be aware that states govern judgment law differently. What holds true in one state might not hold true in another. For example, California courts distinguish between money judgments and non-money judgments. We are obviously interested in the former. Judgment Collectors offers consignment collection services in the state of California. We work with our California clients to track down judgment debtors in an attempt to collect payment. The consignment model alleviates our clients of any further expenses related to collection. We take care of everything, including covering...

Published April 25, 2023


Your 3 Alternatives to Judgment Collection Services

Your company won a civil lawsuit some years ago, a lawsuit that resulted in a judgment being entered against the other party. That party is now a judgment debtor in the sense that they owe you money. But you are struggling to collect. You could arrange for judgment collection service with a firm like ours. Or you could choose one of three alternatives to judgment collection services. Many of the clients who come to Judgment Collectors for the first time have tried at least one of the alternative strategies. Some of have tried the first two. Still others have tried the first two and are ready to proceed to the third. They avoid the third al...

Published April 18, 2023


Hire a Judgment Collection Agency: It’s Never Too Late

We have cited the following statistic numerous times here on our blog: upwards of 80% of all judgments filed in U.S. courts are never paid. Debtors purposely string things along until creditors throw up their hands and walk away. If you are a creditor in that position, we want you to know that it is never too late to hire a judgment collection agency. We understand the frustration your accounting team feels over unpaid judgments. We know the tremendous amount of work they put in, only to have debtors continually resist. But we also know that judgment creditors do not have access to all the tools and strategies we utilize to collect judgmen...

Published April 11, 2023


Important Things to Know About Judgment Liens in Arizona

Collecting judgments in Arizona is similar in many ways to collecting them in other states. But by the same token, there are some differences based on Arizona law. For instance, judgment liens in Arizona are fairly narrow in scope. Only certain types of assets are subject to judgment liens and, on top of that, Arizona law allows for value exemptions. It is things like this that frustrate so many Arizona judgment creditors trying unsuccessfully to get paid. These same things are why creditors in the Grand Canyon State turn to Judgment Collectors for help. We work with Arizona clients to encourage judgment debtors to pay up. Judgment Lien B...

Published April 4, 2023


Interest on Judgments Is of Little Solace When Debtors Don’t Pay

Did you know that judgment creditors can assess interest on unpaid amounts until debtors satisfy their debts in full? It's true, at least in most states. But interest on judgments is of little solace when debtors make every effort to not pay. Interest generally doesn't keep up with increased collection costs. For the record, our main office is located in Salt Lake City, UT. Judgment law in Utah allows for interest against unpaid judgment balances. The interest rate in our state is the federal post-judgment rate plus an additional 2%. Note that the federal post-judgment rate changes every year. The federal rate for 2023 is 4.73%. That me...

Published March 31, 2023


5 Things Your Attorney Should Tell You About Civil Judgments

Collecting unpaid civil judgments is what Judgment Collectors specializes in. We have worked with more than one client who went into the civil litigation arena ill-prepared for what was about to happen. If your company is thinking about filing its first civil lawsuit, we do not want you to end up in that boat. Be sure to speak with your attorney in detail. Ask every question you have, and don't let the questions go until you have the answers you are looking for. To get you started, below are five things your attorney should tell you about civil judgments. 1. A Judgment Determines the Victor In a criminal trial, the court delivers a verdi...

Published March 28, 2023