4 Options After Winning a Judgment Against a Debtor

As a business owner, you made the difficult decision to take one of your customers to court. You and your attorneys prevailed. The court entered a judgment in your favor, one that requires the customer to pay what is legally owed along with your company's court and attorney’s fees. But what options after winning do you have? You have also discovered that courts, despite entering judgments against debtors, do not enforce said judgments. Except under rare circumstances requiring additional court intervention, enforcement is left to creditors. You have come to the conclusion that, if the debt is ever going to be paid, you or an agent of you...

Published November 2, 2021


How Much Time Does Your Company Spend Chasing Bad Debts?

Bad debts are a risk that every business faces. Moreover, the smaller the business, the greater the risk. Companies can find themselves investing so much time chasing bad debts that they are not actually serving their own customers properly. That says nothing of the financial resources they put into debt collection. How much time does your company spend chasing bad debts? We ask because, at least where judgments are concerned, we can help. We named our company Judgment Collectors so that there is no ambiguity about what we do. If your company is holding any unpaid judgments, we are here to help. We serve clients in the following six states...

Published October 5, 2021


4 Signs Suggesting You Need Help Collecting Judgments

A company makes the difficult decision to turn to civil litigation in hopes of recovering a bad debt. They win their case, resulting in a judgment being entered against the debtor. Now what? Management assigns the task of collecting to a couple of staff members in the finance department. But they know the likelihood of success is not very high. They need help. Does this scenario sound familiar to you? Is your company struggling to collect on outstanding judgments? If so, professional help is available. We have experienced judgment collectors with the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools to help clients get the money they are owed. We ...

Published September 13, 2021


Is Wage Garnishment the Only Way to Collect on Judgments?

We recently published a rather detailed post explaining why it's necessary to understand garnishment laws in your state. That post led to another question: is wage garnishment the only way to collect an outstanding judgment? In short, no. While garnishment is an effective tool in some cases, there are other ways to get debtors to settle up. Judgment collection firms will use garnishment when it is deemed to be the right course of action. When it is not appropriate, other options are looked at. Then there are the cases in which garnishment is combined with other strategies to increase the chances that a given judgment is paid in full. Esta...

Published July 22, 2021


Why Your Attorney May Not Be the Best Person for Debt Collection

We want to go on record as saying we appreciate attorneys and the hard work they do. We know that the clients we serve depend on their attorneys to win the judgments they seek. But when the gavel falls and a judgment is entered, an attorney may not be the best person for the debt collection job. We have worked with plenty of clients whose attorneys have tried, and failed, to collect. We get that. Judgment collection is a niche industry requiring some highly specialized knowledge and a particular skill set. Unless attorneys specialize in debt collection, they probably don't have the experience or knowledge to do the best job they can for cl...

Published July 15, 2021


Should You Choose Judgment Collectors Over an Attorney?

Going to court to win a judgment against a debtor is the first step in collecting money you are rightfully owed. Hopefully, the debtor cooperates fully with you and your attorney at the time the judgment is entered. If not, you will have to decide how to pursue payment moving forward. Here at Judgment Collectors, we are a debt collection agency that specializes in judgments. We do not collect any other kinds of debts, which enables us to focus all of our attention on this particular field. It has also allowed us to develop proprietary tools for finding creditors and their assets. We use those tools to make sure clients get paid. You cou...

Published May 24, 2021