Winning a Judgment Is Just the First Step in Getting Paid

Your company has been working with a number of deadbeat customers trying to collect outstanding invoices. Your efforts so far have failed, so you are considering civil court. Your hope is that obtaining civil judgments against these customers will finally result in you getting what you are owed. But how much do you really know about winning a judgment? Winning does not guarantee payment. In fact, winning a judgment is just the first step in the long journey to get paid. You could win a judgment six months from now and still be waiting for your money five years down the road. We are here to help you collect what you are owed as quickly and ...

Published October 24, 2023


4 Ways to Enforce a Judgment in Texas

As active judgment collectors in Texas, we help enforce judgments against debtors who might otherwise be uncooperative. We work with Texas judgment creditors to locate their debtors, make contact, and work out payment. We can help you settle your Texas judgments as well. Bear in mind that judgment enforcement is different from one state to the next. Some means of judgment enforcement allowed in other states are not available in Texas. If you have an outstanding judgment that you are trying to collect, we recommend doing as much research as possible into what is allowed and what is not. In Texas, creditors have four ways to enforce judgm...

Published October 17, 2023


What You Need to Know About Post-Judgment Interest in Utah

You are probably aware that state statutes allow judgment creditors to collect attorney's fees and other costs as part of a judgment. But did you also know that Utah allows creditors to apply interest to their judgments? It is called post-judgment interest, and it is established by statute. The interesting thing about post-judgment interest is that it continues to accrue at a set rate until the debt has been fully paid. Interest is charged annually, based on the total amount still outstanding. That total amount includes everything from principal to expenses, and fees to interest already accrued. How is the interest rate determined? That...

Published October 10, 2023


Do You Know About the 4 Types of Judgments in Ohio?

Though we are based in Salt Lake City, UT, Judgment Collectors works on behalf of clients in other states – including Ohio. That being the case, we have a question for potential clients in the Buckeye State: do you know about the four types of judgments in Ohio? All Ohio judgments are court decisions rendered as a result of civil litigation. Judgments apply to debt collection cases, personal injury cases, product liability, and more. Many of the cases we deal with involve unpaid debts. We work on behalf of clients who just want to be paid. Debt collection suits in Ohio can be resolved in one of four ways: 1. Default Judgment A defau...

Published October 3, 2023


Judgment Collection: Time Is the Collection Agency’s Gift to You

Bringing in a judgment collection agency to help with an unpaid judgment isn't free. Collection agencies need to be paid for the work they do. Their services are well worth paying for, especially if there is little hope of you ever collecting on your own. Besides, collection agencies offer a gift that is absolutely free: time. Perhaps the gift of time doesn't seem like such a big deal. If that is the case, step back and ask yourself how much time your organization has already put into debt collection. If your organization is like most with outstanding judgments, you have already put in far too much time. Turn your unpaid judgment over t...

Published September 29, 2023


Let Us Spend Our Money to Collect Your Judgment

Judgments would be the perfect tool for collecting bad debts if judgment debtors paid promptly. But they don't. Far too often, judgment creditors spend a ton of money on collection efforts only to come up empty. If that sounds like your company's experience, why not change things? Let us spend our money to collect your judgment. Though it sounds too good to be true, we cover the costs of everything we do as a judgment collection agency. That means the minute you turn a judgment over to us you don't spend another dime on collection. We handle everything. Best of all, you do not pay us if we don't succeed. We Work on Consignment For all in...

Published September 26, 2023