Why 80% of America’s Judgments Go Forever Unpaid

Last month we published a blog post discussing why so many companies fail to collect on their judgments. This month, we want to expand on the topic by looking at it from the debtor's perspective. Suffice it to say that debtors know creditor weaknesses. With the help of their attorneys, they also know what the law allows. They use their knowledge to avoid paying for as long as possible. Here at Judgment Collectors, we know the law as well. We also know how debtors go about avoiding paying judgments. We know as much about them as they know about you, and probably more. That's what makes us so good at debt collection. If you have never used a...

Published May 17, 2021


Why Research Is an Integral Part of What We Do

One of our more recent blog posts highlighted research we did on behalf of a client. In that particular case, we were able to use our research skills to uncover out-of-state assets that could be applied toward payment. It is all in a day’s work for us. But that case, like so many others, demonstrates why research is such an integral part of what we do. If your company has outstanding judgments waiting to be paid, you know how difficult it can be to actually collect. That might be why you have started looking around for a business debt collection firm with the time and resources to help. From our perspective, the best firms in our busines...

Published March 24, 2021


How Our Research Revealed a Debtor’s Ability to Pay

Here at Judgment Collectors, we talk a lot about our research capabilities. It is one of the keys to what we do. We recently concluded a case we are working on behalf of a financial institution. It was the diligent research of our team that eventually revealed the debtor truly did have the financial means to pay the judgment against him. Because we uncovered that, we were able to convince the debtor to settle. Many of the companies we assist work extremely hard to pursue debtors. Their work ethic and desire to collect is not the problem. They run into trouble only because they lack the resources and knowledge to track down debtors purposel...

Published March 15, 2021


We Don’t Get Paid Until We Collect – That’s Good for You

Here at Judgment Collectors, we aren't just a team of professionals who know how to get debtors to pay. We are also consumers. We know what it's like to pay good money for something and be disappointed by the results. You will not be subjected to that kind of disappointment when you work with us, thanks to the way we get paid. In short, we do not get paid until we collect. Our payment model offers you a risk-free way to collect on outstanding judgments with no strings attached. Because we work on a contingency model, we absorb all of the costs related to collecting your judgment. You pay nothing up front. You accept no risk. You only pay u...

Published February 26, 2021


You Focus on Your Business, We’ll Handle Your Judgment

Collecting on judgments is rarely an easy task. Yet it is something most small businesses have to deal with at one time or another. We encourage you to let us handle collections for you. Why? Our name says it all. Judgment Collectors specializes in getting debtors to pay so our clients can focus on their businesses. We are small business judgment collectors working for clients in a variety of industries. We work on behalf of banks and credit unions, car dealerships, landlords, utilities, and more. Our primary goal is to rid our clients of the responsibility of collecting on outstanding judgments so they can get back to the business of servin...

Published February 19, 2021


Judgment Debtors Can’t Evade Good Collectors Forever

Consider a business that convinces a civil court to enter a judgment against a debtor for unpaid bills. The judgment represents a legal requirement for the debtor to repay. That's all well and good, but what if the debtor makes every attempt to evade collection? That can be a problem for the creditor. It isn't for us. Judgment debtors cannot evade good collectors forever. Judgment debtors rely on a variety of creative means to evade collection. Here at Judgment Collectors, we have been in this business long enough to know all the tricks. We also know how to work around them. We use every resource at our disposal to go after debtors that ha...

Published February 1, 2021