What Is Idaho’s Statute of Limitations on Judgment Collection

Regular readers of the Judgment Collectors blog know that states regulate judgments differently. Everything from how judgments are enforced to how court proceedings are followed can differ drastically from one state to the next. Even statutes of limitation are different. Idaho's statute of limitations definitely has some unique aspects to it. For the record, Judgment Collectors works with clients in Idaho and 10 other states. When our Idaho clients turn their judgments over to us, we get to work right away. We do everything within our power to find debtors, uncover their assets, and make contact with the goal of securing payment. Statutes...

Published July 4, 2023


How Much Time Did You Spend on that Last Collection Case?

We published a blog post over a year ago that asked the following question: how much time does your company spend chasing bad debts? We used the post to make the case for hiring professional debt collectors to help you get paid. Now we want to go one step further by specifically addressing that last judgment collection case your company faced. How much time did you and your accounting team spend on it? More importantly, did you eventually reach a successful resolution? And if so, did the amount of money you received justify the time and expense you invested in collection? We are posing a lot of questions here. Sometimes it is necessary ...

Published June 27, 2023


How to Forget Civil Judgments the Right Way

More than one organization has given up on judgment collection and just taken its losses. When companies do this, it is generally because they just want to be done with it. They want to put the judgments behind them and forget about the whole experience. We think there is a better way. You can choose to forget your judgments because you don't think you'll ever get paid. A lot of organizations do that. But you could also choose to forget them by turning them over to a judgment collection agency like ours. When Judgment Collectors takes on your civil judgments, you don't ever have to worry about them again. Always at the Forefront We have ...

Published June 23, 2023


Why Judgment Collection in Georgia Should Be Left to the Pros

Georgia is a wonderful state known as much for its friendly people as its pecans and peaches. But even in the midst of so many great residents are those who wind up being taken to court and having judgments rendered against them. When judgments are rendered, collection is best left to the pros. Civil court is where all sorts of non-criminal disputes are settled. It is where businesses go after deadbeat customers who don't pay their bills. It is where personal injury lawsuits are heard and decided. The thing about civil courts is that they don't render guilty or innocent verdicts. Civil courts render judgments in favor of one party and agai...

Published June 20, 2023


5 Questions to Ask Yourself After Winning a Judgment

Civil court is often the only way to get satisfaction when a customer doesn't pay. It might be the only way to deal with a company or organization that harms you. Perhaps you are in that position now. You are getting ready to file a lawsuit. Let's say you end up winning. Then what? How do you go about enforcing a winning judgment? For practical purposes, enforcing a judgment means getting paid. As the winner, you are owed a certain amount of money. Now you must collect that money. If it's a substantial amount, judgment collection might not be as easy as you think. So before you do anything, we recommend you ask yourself the following five ...

Published June 13, 2023


Judgment Collection: When It’s the Principle of the Thing

Most of us have been in the position of doing something just out of principle. We didn’t gain anything in particular, nor would we have been harmed had we not done whatever it was. We simply chose to pursue a particular action because principle dictated it. Believe it or not, judgment collection sometimes comes to that. Not Always a Necessity We have been active judgment collectors for years. We began in Utah and have since expanded to 10 additional states including Texas, Washington, Ohio, and Missouri. And in every one of those states, we have encountered judgment creditors pursuing their debtors out of necessity. They are not pursuing ...

Published June 9, 2023