Why Creditors Turn to Judgment Collectors for Collection Help

Why Creditors Turn to Judgment Collectors for Collection Help

Judgment Collectors is a specialist collection agency focusing exclusively on civil judgments. We help companies and other organizations collect outstanding judgments from debtors who tend to be lacking in their cooperation. Our help often provides the leverage clients need to get paid.

We are not alone, by the way. Judgment collection agencies work on client cases across the country. Judgment collection is a thriving business because it is so necessary. That being the case, you may be curious as to why creditors turn to judgment collectors for collection help.

1. Increasing the Odds

By the time a creditor reaches out to a collection agency, the chances of the judgment debtor being uncooperative are pretty high. Perhaps a debtor failed to respond to interrogatories. Maybe the creditor suspects he is trying to hide assets. Regardless of the details, the creditor isn’t very confident in its chances for collection. Turning the case over to professionals changes that.

Agencies like ours specialize in recovering unpaid judgment debts. We have access to tools and resources for finding debtors, uncovering their assets, and encouraging them to pay. Hiring an agency boils down to increasing the odds of getting paid.

2. Experience on the Creditor’s Side

Our system is set up in such a way that judgment debtors have the law on their side. That is all well and good, but in the cat-and-mouse game that is collecting judgments, creditors need something on their side. That something is the experience collection agencies bring to the table.

Experience is what allows collection agencies to anticipate what debtors might do. Combined with skill and knowledge, experience can be the deciding factor in whether a creditor actually gets paid.

3. Less Pressure on the Creditor

More than one client has approached Judgment Collectors in hopes of escaping the pressure and stress that comes with chasing down debts. We get it. Collecting bad debts from people who refuse to cooperate is no easy task. It requires time and effort. It can be stressful for business owners and their accounting departments.

Hiring a collection agency takes the pressure off. Collection agencies take over skip tracing. We assume the responsibility of looking for hidden assets and making attempts to communicate. Meanwhile, creditors can go back to serving their customers.

4. Less Money Spent on Collection

Some clients turn to collection agencies in hopes of ultimately spending less on collection. That certainly is the case for clients choosing to work with Judgment Collectors. Our agency works on a contingency model that mitigates any risk of future financial losses on the debt in question.

Working on contingency means that we do not get paid if we do not collect. So turning unpaid judgments over to Judgment Collectors is virtually risk-free. If we do not succeed, the client loses nothing for letting us try.

Equally important is the fact that we cover all the costs of doing what we do. Once we take a case, the creditor doesn’t have to spend another dime on collection efforts. We take the hit. We assume the risk, which is excellent motivation for us to succeed.

5. Time Is Valuable

Last but not least, time is a valuable commodity that organizations can’t afford to lose. The problem with debt collection is that it is a time-consuming enterprise. Turning unpaid judgments over to a collection agency gives potentially lost time back to creditors so that they can use it more productively.

Does your organization have outstanding judgments in need of collection? If so, Judgment Collectors is here to help. Let us take on those judgments for you.