Judgment Collection: When It’s the Principle of the Thing

Most of us have been in the position of doing something just out of principle. We didn’t gain anything in particular, nor would we have been harmed had we not done whatever it was. We simply chose to pursue a particular action because principle dictated it. Believe it or not, judgment collection sometimes comes to that. Not Always a Necessity We have been active judgment collectors for years. We began in Utah and have since expanded to 10 additional states including Texas, Washington, Ohio, and Missouri. And in every one of those states, we have encountered judgment creditors pursuing their debtors out of necessity. They are not pursuing ...

Published June 9, 2023


Collecting Judgments Across State Lines: A Harder Proposition

We haven't run across many people who consider collecting judgments good fun. We actually enjoy it, but that's because it's our business. For most of the creditors we work with, collecting is a very difficult proposition. It is made harder when judgment collection has to occur across state lines. Having to cross state lines is pretty typical in the construction industry. Contractors and subcontractors tend to move around a lot as it is. But moving across state lines is a common tactic to avoid paying judgments. Contractors pick up and move to other states in hopes that collection efforts will not follow them. In some cases, this is true...

Published June 6, 2023


Idaho Judgment Creditors Have Multiple Options for Collection

Winning a judgment in Idaho gives a creditor access to certain legal tools through which the outstanding amount can be collected. A simple way to put it is that creditors have multiple collection options in Idaho. Knowing those options prior to going to court can help a creditor lay out a sound strategy for eventual enforcement. As you read about the options described below, we want you to know that Judgment Collectors operates in Idaho. We would be happy to discuss one or more cases with you, at your earliest convenience. We might be able to help you collect what you are owed. 1. Establish a Payment Plan The first option for collecting ...

Published May 23, 2023


How to Proceed When a Debtor Reneges on a Payment Plan

In the many years we have worked as judgment collectors across several states, we've had plenty of opportunities to interact with clients who have come to us after debtors reneged on their payment plans. It is a lousy situation to be in. A creditor tries to be nice. They offer a payment plan instead of demanding full payment up front. Then the debtor turns around and reneges. What is a creditor supposed to do in that situation? Truth be told, there are multiple options. There is no one path forward for every creditor. A creditor needs to assess the current situation alongside future potential and then proceed from there. Try to Assess Tru...

Published May 16, 2023


5 More Reasons to Outsource Judgment Collection

Our most recent blog post tackled the idea of outsourcing judgment collection for some of the same reasons other businesses outsource certain tasks. Those reasons included cutting operational costs and getting access to industry expertise. We encourage you to read the entire post if you haven't done so already. This post will serve as a follow up. We have five more reasons to outsource judgment collection. As with the previous post, each of these five reasons is generally applied to outsourcing any kind of task a company doesn't want to keep in-house. All are applicable to judgment collection in some way, shape, or form. So without furt...

Published May 9, 2023


5 Legitimate Reasons to Outsource Judgment Collection

Outsourcing has a long and productive history in the U.S. From the start, outsourcing has given companies new opportunities to improve their business models and operations. From software development to white label manufacturing, outsourcing is alive and well the world over. But what about debt collection? Have you ever considered outsourcing those judgments you've have been struggling to collect? Companies outsource a variety of tasks for a lengthy list of reasons. Below are five such reasons that apply to all sorts of businesses right across the board. Each one is as applicable to judgment collection as any other industry. We encourage yo...

Published May 2, 2023