When You’ve Given Up on Collecting, We’re Just Getting Started

When You've Given Up on Collecting, We're Just Getting Started

We have been providing judgment collection services long enough to know that some cases can take a long time to resolve. Collecting on judgments is definitely a long-haul prospect. So much so that many first-time clients come to us after having given up on their own efforts. That’s when we are just getting started.

Maybe your accounts receivable team has given up on a couple of judgments after trying for a year and getting nowhere. Perhaps you’ve been at it two or three years. Regardless, we are just getting warmed up when others are giving up and walking away. Every case we take comes with a long-term commitment. We are in it to win.

We Love Older Judgments

As a judgment collection agency operating in multiple states, we can say with confidence that we love older judgments. We appreciate the opportunity to come in behind a client and take all their previous efforts to the next level. We appreciate the opportunity to put our skill and expertise to work in pursuit of a debtor who has managed to avoid payment.

We had a case some time ago involving a client who had been attempting to collect for an inordinate amount of time. The debtor simply wasn’t cooperating. We were able to use our skills and tools to locate the debtor. We let him know of the possibility of legal action against him, should he continue to evade payment. Surprise, surprise! He came up with the cash to pay what he owed.

Such quick and complete resolutions are never guaranteed. But  we can guarantee that we will get to work on your case right away. We will also relieve you of the need to put another dime or another minute into collection. When Judgment Collectors takes a case, we cover all of the associated costs. We invest our time tracking down debtors and their assets.

Your Time Is Valuable

One of the reasons we do what we do is an understanding that your time is valuable. Collecting on judgments is all we do. It is our specialty. We can put as much time into it as necessary to get the job done. Your company cannot. You have customers to serve. You have products and services to develop. You have a million other things that can’t be done if you’re investing your time in collections.

The interesting thing about time is that it is irreplaceable. Once gone, you can’t get it back. So every minute you spend on judgment collection is a minute you cannot invest in the more important parts of your business. Let us handle judgment collection. You should spend your time:

  • building relationships with your customers
  • reaching out to find and bring in new customers
  • improving and developing products and services
  • getting involved in the local community.

We can think of so many other things your company could be doing with its time. The fact that you have given up on collecting those outstanding judgments suggests that you are ready to make better use of your time as a company. That’s a good move. But don’t give up on collecting. Turn it over to us instead.

Pay Only if We Succeed

We want to close this post by reminding readers that Judgment Collectors works on consignment. You do not pay for our judgment collection service unless we succeed in securing payment. Our consignment model protects you against further financial loss and provides all the incentive we need to produce the desired results. Just remember, when you’re ready to give up on collection, we are just getting started.