Time Is Precious – Don’t Spend it on Debt Collection

Time Is Precious – Don't Spend it on Debt Collection

Small business owners are among the hardest working people in America. They put in countless hours to keep customers happy and the office humming along. The one thing nearly all of them have in common is too little time to get everything done. Time is precious to a small business owner. It shouldn’t be spent trying to collect outstanding judgments or debt collection in general.

As judgment collection specialists, our job is to put in the time it takes to get things settled. We don’t mind putting in the time because judgment collection is what we do. But it is probably not what you do, at least professionally. So let us handle those judgments for you. You have enough on your plate already.

Putting In a Ton of Hours

Putting in a ton of hours is not unusual for small business owners. In fact, a recent survey among small business owners revealed that 33% of them work more than 50 hours per week. Another 25% put in more than 60 hours.

Working long hours is almost a matter of necessity. Small business owners, because they have a limited number of employees – if they have any at all – have to shoulder most of the load. There just isn’t enough time in a standard 40-hour work week to get it all done.

Collecting Judgments Only Makes It Worse

Having to collect outstanding judgments only makes the time crunch worse. If you’ve ever tried to collect on your own, you know exactly what we are talking about. Judgment and debt collection is a time-consuming exercise. It requires research. It requires putting in time to track down every lead. It requires dealing with attorneys, courts, etc.

Every minute we put into collection is worthwhile because the effort brings us that much closer to collecting. What makes it different for us is payment. We don’t get paid unless we collect. Therefore, we will put in as much time as necessary to ensure our own success.

You don’t have that luxury. We get it. Your business revolves around something entirely separate from collecting bad debts. Maybe you’re a house painter or plumber. Perhaps you run a computer repair service or a lawncare company. Whatever you do requires a considerable amount of time that you invest into customer service and back-office functions.

We Handle Everything

Turning your judgments over to Judgment Collectors means getting your time back. We handle everything. From the minute we reach an agreement with a client, we take over collection and everything that comes with it. We do the research. We track down the leads. We attempt to make contact with the debtor.

You will not have to spend another minute on debt collection once we step in. The precious time you were previously spending on getting paid can now be put back in to better serving your customers. Isn’t that the goal here? Absolutely. You should be taking care of the people who support your business. Meanwhile, we can take care of you by handling those judgments on your behalf.

We Work on Consignment

We should close this post by reminding readers that Judgment Collectors works on consignment. That means you only pay us for our services if we succeed in collecting. If we fail, it doesn’t cost you a penny. And while we undertake collection efforts, we cover our own costs.

As a small business owner, time is precious to you. You don’t have enough time to do everything that needs to be done. So why waste that precious time on collecting debts? If you have outstanding judgments, let us handle them.