Judgment Debtors Can’t Evade Good Collectors Forever

Consider a business that convinces a civil court to enter a judgment against a debtor for unpaid bills. The judgment represents a legal requirement for the debtor to repay. That’s all well and good, but what if the debtor makes every attempt to evade collection? That can be a problem for the creditor. It isn’t for us. Judgment debtors cannot evade good collectors forever.

Judgment debtors rely on a variety of creative means to evade collection. Here at Judgment Collectors, we have been in this business long enough to know all the tricks. We also know how to work around them. We use every resource at our disposal to go after debtors that have managed to successfully evade our clients.

We Track Down Debtors

We recently represented a client that had been attempting to collect from a judgment debtor who insisted on evading payment. Rather than make good on what he owed, this debtor went to great lengths to avoid both contact and repayment. Our client had been at it for some time but just could not break through. They contacted us for help.

Our first move was to track this debtor down. Though explaining how we did it would be too detailed for a single blog post, it is sufficient to say that we eventually found him. We contacted him and let him know, in no uncertain terms, that we were prepared to take legal action against him if he failed to make payment arrangements.

As it turns out, all the debtor needed was a little bit of encouragement from us. Our contact was sufficient motivation for him to come up with the cash necessary to satisfy his debt. He thought he could evade the creditor forever. He was wrong. We found him and made him pay.

We Are Motivated Judgment Collectors

Clients sometimes wonder how we manage to get such good results. Much of it is the result of our skills and expertise. We are the best at what we do because judgment collection is all we do. But above and beyond that, we are extremely motivated to succeed. That motivation lies in how we get paid.

As a judgment collection service, we work on behalf of clients looking to rid themselves of the responsibility of collecting on past judgments. We offer to take on a collection with the understanding that we do not get paid until we collect. Such an arrangement mitigates any risk for the client. When we take a job, we assume all the financial risk of not getting paid.

As you might imagine, that’s more than enough reason to make sure judgment recovery succeeds. We have skin in the game every time we take a job. We are not about to put the time and effort into collecting a bad debt only to walk away without earning our pay. We will keep at it until we succeed.

Let Us Handle the Stress

Judgment debtors purposely evading payment create a stressful situation for creditors. Most creditors simply want their money. They are not interested in spending time trying to track down an evasive debtor. They get frustrated that debtors will not simply pay the debt and be done with it.

It is our position that clients don’t need that kind of stress. They have more important things to worry about – like running their own businesses. We step in and take the stress away by taking on the responsibility of collecting on overdue judgments.

Are you trying to collect from an evasive debtor? Get in touch with us. No debtor can evade us forever.