Collecting on judgments is rarely an easy task. Yet it is something most small businesses have to deal with at one time or another. We encourage you to let us handle collections for you. Why? Our name says it all. Judgment Collectors specializes in getting debtors to pay so our clients can focus on their businesses.

We are small business judgment collectors working for clients in a variety of industries. We work on behalf of banks and credit unions, car dealerships, landlords, utilities, and more. Our primary goal is to rid our clients of the responsibility of collecting on outstanding judgments so they can get back to the business of serving their customers. It is what we do.

Better Serve Your Customers

First-time clients often ask why they should use a third-party judgment collector to collect on their debts. We like to respond by asking them about their businesses. After they explain what they do, we remind them that they are the specialists in their industry. Their businesses thrive because they are very good at what they do.

What they do not specialize in is judgment collection. Most of the clients we serve are not properly set up for debt collection. In addition, they have limited time, resources, and knowledge to commit to it. This is not the case for Judgment Collectors. We exist solely for the purpose of doing what we do.

Your customers expect the absolute best service you can provide. They are counting on you to take good care of them. That’s difficult to do if your employees are distracted by things your business isn’t set up to do properly and efficiently. Collecting on judgments is one of those things.

It Doesn’t Take Much

So, how can you put your past judgments to bed and get back to work? It doesn’t take much. Start by contacting us and letting us know about the judgments you need worked on. You can submit them in a popular document format for our review. We take it from there.

We will immediately get to work on your behalf. We will track down the debtor and attempt to make contact. We will investigate employment, search for assets, and so on. Along the way, we will incur all the costs related to the collection. You get back to your business while we go about finding and collecting from the debtor.

Hassle-Free, No headaches

Letting us collect on your judgments represents a hassle-free way to get paid with no headaches to go along with it. You can’t beat that. And if you’ve spent any amount of time tracking down debtors who either refuse to pay or don’t have the money to do so, you’re familiar with the headaches we’re talking about. They are frequent and numerous. Judgment Collectors is the antidote to those headaches.

Turning your judgments over to us frees up your employees to:

  • put time and energy into more important things
  • refocus their attention on serving your customers
  • get back to doing the things you pay them to do
  • forget about the headaches of trying to collect from debtors.

We get the fact that there may be reasons you want to keep judgment collections in-house. If you feel that hiring small business judgment collectors isn’t your cup of tea, no problem. We are here if you ever change your mind. On the other hand, please feel free to contact us if you are tired of dealing with judgments. We can take care of them. It is what we do, and we do it quite well.