Here at Judgment Collectors, we aren’t just a team of professionals who know how to get debtors to pay. We are also consumers. We know what it’s like to pay good money for something and be disappointed by the results. You will not be subjected to that kind of disappointment when you work with us, thanks to the way we get paid.

In short, we do not get paid until we collect. Our payment model offers you a risk-free way to collect on outstanding judgments with no strings attached. Because we work on a contingency model, we absorb all of the costs related to collecting your judgment. You pay nothing up front. You accept no risk. You only pay us if and when we get the job done.

Upfront Payment Is Good for You

One of the big problems that comes with collecting judgments is the risk of investing resources but realizing very little return. That’s why our contingency model is good for you. It immediately ends any investment you are already putting into collection. You don’t have to spend a penny more.

Perhaps you’ve spent the last 6 to 12 months chasing after debtors who are doing the best they can to evade collection. The judgments are legit. You’ve even gone to court to force them to provide you with the necessary information you need to collect. But every step of the way, they continue to evade.

All of that goes away when you hire us. Our job is to collect the outstanding judgment on your behalf. Whether or not we get paid isn’t something you have to worry about. Getting paid is all on us.

It’s Good for Us

Believe it or not, our payment model is good for us, too. We say that for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it allows us to offer our service to landlords, utility providers, car dealerships, etc. without any risk to them. That’s important in this business. Companies like yours do not need any more risk exposure from judgments you have had trouble collecting on.

Our payment model is also good in that motivates us to take our jobs seriously. We cannot afford to provide lackluster service. Our getting paid relies entirely on how hard we work and how well we do what we do. We are motivated to be the best in the business by our desire to make a living on collecting outstanding judgments.

Our payment model is ideal for:

  • landlord debt collection
  • credit union and bank debt collection
  • small business debt collection
  • car dealership debt collection.

Keep in mind that judgment recovery is the only type of debt collection we deal in. By specializing in judgments only, we can target everything we do on this one particular area. It allows us to achieve excellent results where other debt collection agencies fail.

Send Us Your Judgments Today

We can get started on your outstanding judgments right away. Just contact us for information about submitting them for review. As soon as we have them in hand, our team will immediately get to work. We will cover all the costs and accept all the risk.

Remember that we don’t get paid until we collect. Our process requires nothing from you but the judgment in question. Should you decide to hire Judgment Collectors, we will put our knowledge and skills to work for you. You can get back to your business and leave the collection headaches to us. From our standpoint, it is the only way to provide this kind of service.