Successfully Collecting Judgments When Others Give Up

Debt collection on unpaid judgments is what we specialize in. We have the tools and experience necessary to collect on past judgments even when others cannot seem to make it happen. For that reason alone, it is worth considering Judgment Collectors when you are having trouble collecting from a debtor.

As judgments are our specialty, we have developed a number of effective tools and strategies over the years. If you have given up on collecting an older judgment, let’s talk. If you feel like you’ve reached the end of your resources to no avail, let us give your judgment a shot. We have a lot of debt collection tools proven to get results.

Investigation and Research Pays Off

One of the things we are particularly good at is research. We approach business debt collection with an investigator’s mindset. For example, consider one case in which we represented a bank that had previously been unsuccessful in collecting on old judgment. They had been at so long they had given up. That’s where we stepped in.

We used our extensive investigative and research skills to find real estate owned by the debtor. That real estate was the key to settling the judgment. After contacting the debtor, we worked out a deal that allowed enough time to refinance the property we found. Enough cash was raised to make a significant cash payment on the judgment.

Had the bank not contacted us, there is a good chance that particular judgment would still be unpaid. But because they did give us the opportunity to represent them, we were able to work out a deal to facilitate debt collection in a way that suited both client and debtor.

Hiring the Experts

This particular case clearly demonstrates why clients hire Judgment Collectors. We are the experts in this field. We know debt collection inside and out. We know how debtor’s try to avoid paying judgments. We know where to look for their assets and, more importantly, we know what to look for. All of this adds up to a higher chance of recovery for our clients.

Hiring expert judgment collectors puts the job in the hands of people who know exactly what they are doing. To illustrate the point, let’s flip the tables. If we needed a loan to finance expansion, to whom would we go? A bank. The same client that hired us is an expert when it comes to loans. We go to them for loans because they are the best at what they do. They come to us for judgment recovery because we are the experts in this field.

Debt Recovery Without the Effort

The lesson to be learned here is that hiring Judgment Collectors to recover on your behalf is akin to debt recovery without the effort. Your company can certainly spend months – or even years in some cases – trying to track down and collect from debtors who have no interest in paying on their judgments. You can find yourself investing a ton of time and money into a failing effort.

The other option is to let us handle the debt recovery for you. We do all the work while you continue serving your customers. While you are selling products and providing services, we are researching and investigating. We are tracking down debtors and their assets. We are working out deals to get cash payments on past judgments. It is what we do.

When others give up, we are just getting started. If you have an old judgment you cannot seem to recover on, consider contacting us. We can take it from here.