Collecting Judgments Across State Lines: A Harder Proposition

Collecting Judgments Across State Lines: A Harder Proposition

We haven’t run across many people who consider collecting judgments good fun. We actually enjoy it, but that’s because it’s our business. For most of the creditors we work with, collecting is a very difficult proposition. It is made harder when judgment collection has to occur across state lines.

Having to cross state lines is pretty typical in the construction industry. Contractors and subcontractors tend to move around a lot as it is. But moving across state lines is a common tactic to avoid paying judgments. Contractors pick up and move to other states in hopes that collection efforts will not follow them.

In some cases, this is true. But it’s not true with Judgment Collectors. We are not hampered by state borders. If you need collection in any of the states we operate in, we are up to the task.

State Laws Are Different

Collecting judgments in-house is often made difficult by the fact that companies and their accounting departments don’t know how the system works. That is problematic even when a company isn’t attempting to collect across state lines. When crossing state lines is a necessity, companies suddenly need to consider different laws.

Laws governing judgment collection are enforced at the state level. So the law in Arizona could differ significantly from the law in Georgia or Idaho. All three states could have laws considerably different from those in Texas or Utah.

Along with different laws are different procedures. Each state has its own procedures for filing paperwork, serving debtors, etc. It is one thing to be comfortable with the laws in your own state; it’s another thing to be comfortable with another state’s laws.

Finding Assets Can Be Harder

Another challenge is uncovering assets across state lines. Simply put, assets are harder to find when they are spread out in multiple states. The more states a judgment collection agency is looking at, the harder the search.

You are undoubtedly familiar with the phrase, ‘like finding a needle in a haystack’. We judgment collection specialists know it all too well. At times, searching for a debtor’s assets in the same state is like finding that proverbial needle. But when multiple states are in play, we are attempting to find a single needle in four or five haystacks.

The Pros Have Some Advantages

Because collecting judgments across state lines is so difficult, many creditors turn to judgment collection agencies like ours very early on. They do so because they know that the pros have some advantages.

Specialized judgment collection agencies know how the system works. Here at Judgment Collectors, our team is intimately familiar with the way the game is played. We understand the tactics debtors use to avoid payment. We know the types of assets that are typically hidden. We also know how debtors go about hiding them.

Judgment collection agencies also have access to a variety of proprietary tools and databases, along with a ton of publicly available information, which can all be leveraged to give us the upper hand. We know how to search. We know where to dig. And when we find information that will help us, we have the advantage.

Don’t Go It Alone

If your company or organization is attempting to collect judgments across state lines, don’t go it alone. The task is too difficult, too time-consuming, and potentially too expensive. Instead, let us help.

Judgment Collectors specializes in judgments in 11 states. We have the knowledge and experience to get the job done as quickly as possible. Best of all, we work on consignment. Contact us to learn more about what that means.