Judgment Collection: When It’s the Principle of the Thing

Judgment Collection: When It's the Principle of the Thing

Most of us have been in the position of doing something just out of principle. We didn’t gain anything in particular, nor would we have been harmed had we not done whatever it was. We simply chose to pursue a particular action because principle dictated it. Believe it or not, judgment collection sometimes comes to that.

Not Always a Necessity

We have been active judgment collectors for years. We began in Utah and have since expanded to 10 additional states including Texas, Washington, Ohio, and Missouri. And in every one of those states, we have encountered judgment creditors pursuing their debtors out of necessity. They are not pursuing them out of principle.

The differences between the two motivations can be profound. Imagine a judgment creditor pursuing a debtor out of necessity. The company or individual needs the money. They are hoping to get quick satisfaction so as to maximize the amount they actually receive. But if the debtor stalls long enough, there may be a point at which the creditor would lose money by continuing to push.

On the other hand, a creditor pursuing a judgment debtor out of principle might be willing to push a lot harder for a lot longer. If the company or individual doesn’t need the money, then financial considerations are less of a factor to both pursuit and abandonment. In either case, there are more important things.

A Debt Is a Debt

Are there some judgment debtors who pursue cases simply because the debt exists? Absolutely. And by the way, we get that motivation. Here at Judgment Collectors, we are motivated partially by the fact that we work on consignment. If we don’t succeed, we do not get paid. But we also understand that a debt is a debt. It’s owed to the creditor.

What we do is often compared to a cat-and-mouse game. We are the cat in pursuit of a mouse doing everything in its power to not get caught. We want to catch that mouse because it is what our company was built to do. Failure would only leave a debt outstanding and a client unhappy.

Perhaps your company is in the midst of trying to collect one or more judgments. The accounting department is motivated by the bottom line. They want the money. That’s fine, and their motivation is perfectly legitimate. But you are after more than money. You want the satisfaction of knowing that you succeeded in collecting from a debtor who is pulling out all the stops to win.

We Work on Your Behalf

So, what does any of this have to do with Judgment collectors? Everything. We are in the business of tracking down debtors and their assets. We work on behalf of our clients to encourage debtors to pay their outstanding judgments as quickly and fully as possible. We take on the work of collecting so that our clients can focus on other things.

So many debtors win the judgment collection game because their creditors are not willing to turn over every stone and look around every corner. And by the way, we don’t fault any creditors for not pursuing debtors with full force. What we do isn’t easy. Collecting judgments is time-consuming and frustrating; it requires a lot of hard work.

We are motivated to succeed by two factors: the consignment model under which we work and the subsequent desire to get paid. Both desires continually push us forward as we seek to collect judgments on behalf of our clients. Are you ready to bring us on board?