5 Things You Can Do After Turning Judgments Over To Us

Clients working with us for the very first time have lots of questions. For example, they frequently ask us what they need to do next, after turning their judgments over to us. Our answer is ‘nothing’. Once you turn a judgment over to Judgment Collectors, there is nothing else to do. We take care of everything.

However, that’s not to say there is nothing you can do. To be honest, there are lots of things you can do once you no longer have to pursue your debtors. Here are just five suggestions to get you started:

1. Stop Worrying About Them

The first thing you can do after turning your judgments over to us is to stop worrying about them. You and your staff have already spent enough time and effort pursuing debtors who seem unwilling to pay. You have lost countless hours and perhaps a little sleep. Well, all that is over now.

Let us worry about the problem. Let us put in the hours and sweat to get your judgments paid. This is what we do, so it is not something we worry about. You shouldn’t have to worry about it either.

2. Get Back to Business

If putting an end to the worrying is the number one thing you can do, getting back to business is a close second. We are guessing that your business isn’t debt collection. That being the case, debt collection is not something for which you have a ton of expertise. You and your staff are experts in whatever business you are engaged in. It is time for you to get back to that business.

Our business is debt collection. We are experts in tracking down debtors and collecting payment. Turn your judgments over to us so that we can both get busy about the things we are very good at.

3. Put Your Money Elsewhere

How much money has your company already spent on pursuing judgments? You shouldn’t have to bear that expense. Not only that, but your company also shouldn’t have to face the prospect of continuing to spend without ever actually getting paid. That’s the trap of trying to collect judgments on your own. You could spend a ton and still fail.

Turning your judgments over to us means not spending another penny on collection. It means putting your money elsewhere. In other words, Judgment Collectors assumes all the costs of collection from the time we take a case. Our clients do not have to spend anything further. Furthermore, clients don’t pay if we fail to collect. Our contingency model sees to that.

4. Improve Your Customer Service

Although it is not always the case, we have seen many smaller companies get so bogged down in debt collection that their customer service suffers. That is not a good thing. Your customers deserve the absolute best service you can provide. They deserve your full attention, rather than getting what is left over after your staff has been distracted by debt collection.

Turning your judgments over to us gives you the opportunity to serve your customers the way you know they should be served. There is no need for unpaid judgments too continue distracting you and your staff.

If unpaid judgments are consuming your company’s time, resources, and energy, it is time to stop what you are doing and consider another strategy. Give up trying to collect those judgments on your own. Instead, turn them over to us. We are the experts in tracking down debtors and collecting payment. We know how to get the job done.