Give Us Your Judgments – 5 Better Uses of Your Company’s Time

Would you agree with the adage that says, ‘time is money’? If so, every minute your company spends on chasing down unpaid judgments represents time that is not spent generating revenue. Every minute spent on judgments represents less money earned. So if you’re wasting your company’s time, why not turn your judgments over to Judgment Collectors instead?

Judgment Collectors is a business. And just like with your business, there are some things our business is not built to do. We don’t try to do them. Instead, we leave them to other companies who are experts at what they do. Our message about unpaid judgments is the same. We are the experts. Let us take on your unpaid judgments and give you back time your company could spend doing other things.

Give Us Your Judgments – 5 Better Uses of Your Company's Time

For example, here are five better uses of your company’s time:

1. Serving Existing Customers

Your business, like ours, would not exist without customers. Earning and keeping their loyalty requires that you spend time meeting their needs. Your team cannot do that to the fullest extent if some of your staff is forced to spend time chasing down unpaid judgments. If you are not spending enough time serving our customers, you’re only hurting your business.

Your customers want and expect the best service you can provide. Give it to them. Let us handle your judgments so that you can devote more time to making sure they are happy.

2. Marketing Your Business

In addition to keeping current customers happy, you undoubtedly want to bring new customers into the fold. To do that, you have to market. And once again, marketing requires time. You need time to develop new marketing campaigns. You need time to implement them and track the results. Why waste valuable marketing time on judgment collection?

3. Staff Training and Development

Your company undoubtedly provides at least some level of training and development. Are those staff members currently tied up with judgment collection able to take advantage of such opportunities? If not, training them is a better use of their time and yours. It is certainly a better use of your company’s time than chasing down debtors.

This particular point is especially noteworthy in the sense that training and development affects your company’s future. Although unpaid judgments may also affect the future, they are really about the past. It is more important that your company focus on the future. Let us deal with the past.

4. Developing New Products and Services

Speaking of the future, your company is probably going to offer new products and services as time progresses. That is the nature of business. Your team should be developing those products and services even now. It should not be spending that time chasing down debtors who seem to be working overtime to evade payment.

5. Showing Your Appreciation to Staff Members

Finally, your company can make great strides toward retaining the top talent in your industry by showing appreciation to your staff members. Workers who go above and beyond deserve to be recognized. Those who come to work every day, give their best effort, and put the company first should know that management values them.

Spending time chasing down unpaid judgments is only giving attention to those who don’t deserve it. Why not give your company’s time to your staff instead? They deserve it.

We do what we do because judgment collection is our business. And because we do it so well, our clients are able to turn their judgments over to us and then invest the time we save them in more important things. That is a win-win from our point of view.