Even State Borders Don’t Deter Good Judgment Collectors

Judgment Collectors is part of a very challenging industry. The nature of this particular type of debt collection is such that the majority of judgments entered in this country are never paid. There are multiple reasons for this, including a lack of time and resources among creditors. Sometimes it’s just a little as state borders in the way. That is where we come in.

We are particularly good at what we do because it is all we do. We have the time and resources to devote exclusively to collecting judgments. We also have the knowledge, tools, and resources to prevail against debtors who would otherwise attempt to avoid paying. Not even state borders deter us.

Even State Borders Don't Deter Good Judgment Collectors

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We recently worked on a case for a financial institution whose debtor has business operations in a couple of states. Having to work the case in both states was not a problem. In the end, we prevailed.

Remaining Balance after Collateral

This particular client required the debtor to provide collateral when first making a loan. When the loan went into default, the collateral was acquired and liquidated. A balance on the outstanding loan remained. Unfortunately, the debtor declined to voluntarily make up the difference following collateral liquidation. Judgment Collectors was called in to follow-up.

Is not unusual in cases like this to have to dig extensively into public records and other databases to learn more about a debtor. We did just that on behalf of the financial institution who engaged us to pursue this judgment. Among other things, we took the opportunity to scour property records in both states in which the debtor’s business had operations. We discovered assets the debtor was not previously forthcoming about.

Upon discovering said assets, we made it clear to the debtor that we would continue to pursue every avenue of collection until the debt was settled. Eventually, the debtor was able to produce enough funds to make sufficient payment. Our client was paid, and the case closed.

Running and Hiding Doesn’t Work

The debtor in this particular case learned a valuable lesson: running and hiding doesn’t work. In fact, it is not a viable strategy when up against an organization like Judgment Collectors. If a debtor has assets out there, the chances of us finding those assets are pretty high.

Our job is to collect on unpaid judgments. As a judgment collection agency, we take a tremendous amount of pride in our ability to track down debtors and their assets. And to guarantee that we give each and every client our best effort, we work on a contingency model.

Our model is simple. We incur all the costs involved in pursuing unpaid judgments. Our clients only pay us after debtors pay them. Therefore, clients do not owe us a dime unless we succeed. Just by turning their unpaid judgments over to us, creditors immediately cease having to invest any more time, money, or effort into collection. We spend the money; we take the risk.

We Go to Greater Lengths

Having to search property records in multiple states requires a considerable amount of work. However, this particular case was not unusual. Over the years we have been involved in collecting judgments, we have discovered that debtors will go to great lengths to conceal their assets, even crossing state borders. Most of them do not realize we will go to even greater lengths to find those assets.

If you are having trouble collecting judgments from uncooperative debtors, you’re not alone. Perhaps it’s time to step back and allow Judgment Collectors to handle things for you.