How Persistence and an Airplane Hangar Got Results

Rarely do we get results without putting in significant effort. Effort is part of the judgment collection game. But sometimes, effort alone is not enough. Some cases require a lot of persistence along with a bit of good fortune. Such was the case on a judgment we recently got action on. The judgment had not seen any activity in quite a while.

Before describing this case, we want to address the fact that a lack of action is not sufficient reason to give up. In fact, this is exactly what some debtors want their creditors to do. They play the waiting game in hopes that a creditor will get tired of pursuing the judgment and simply walk away.

Here at Judgment Collectors, walking away is not in our playbook. We are masters of persistence. Even if a judgment has not seen any activity in a while, we keep at it. We keep digging. We keep turning over stones and looking around corners. That is how we get results.

We Found an Airplane Hangar

The judgment in question was one that had been quiet for a while. Even though the activity on it was limited, we continued pursuing the account by researching property records. We kept digging until we discovered that the debtor owned an airplane hangar in a nearby county. The county was not his county of residence, but that was of no matter to us.

We knew we had an advantage when we uncovered a sale on that hangar. Armed with the information, we approached the debtor and let it be known that the financial resources to pay the debt clearly existed. The debtor knew the jig was up and agreed to a favorable settlement. Case closed.

Consider this case an example of the many tools we have at our disposal. Thanks to the information age in which we now live, all sorts of transactions leave a digital trail behind. Whether it is real estate records, Facebook posts, or even arrest records, nearly anyone’s digital footprints can be followed if you know what to look for. We do.

Sometimes It Takes Time

This case perfectly illustrates our ability to find assets debtors are unwilling to disclose. But it also illustrates something equally important: sometimes judgment collection takes time. No judgment collector gets immediate results on every case. Any agency that guarantees overnight results either doesn’t have a lot of experience or is trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

Here at Judgment Collectors, we believe in getting to each and every case right away. We see no reason to delay once a judgment has been turned over to us. But getting to a case today does not mean resolving it tomorrow. There are certain procedures that have to be followed; there are steps that have to be taken. It’s all done in due time.

We Don’t Give Up

One of the secrets to our success is our commitment to never give up. As long as we have an active judgment you want us to pursue, that’s exactly what we will do. Our team of expert judgment collectors will use every possible tool to locate debtors and their assets. And when we find what we are looking for, we will leverage the information to prompt the debtor to pay.

The debtor with the airplane hangar found out the hard way that we don’t give up. For our part, we are thrilled to have been able to reach a favorable settlement on behalf of our client. If it weren’t for our persistence and that airplane hangar, the debt could still be outstanding.