Who Will Be More Persistent, You or Your Debtor?

Recently, we put together a post talking about how persistence and an airplane hangar helped us get a judgment taken care of for one of our clients. If you haven’t read that post, we invite you to take a look. It demonstrates how Judgment Collectors can utilize a variety of tools to find debtor assets. For this post, however, we want to talk more about being persistent.

It certainly would be nice if debtors met their obligations in a timely and responsible manner. It would be nice if push never came to shove in the judgment collection arena. But unfortunately, this is not the case. More often than not, the determining factor in getting a judgment paid is persistence. The more persistent party usually wins.

Who will that be in your case? Will you be more persistent, or will the debtor? Persistence is a long-term proposal in our business. Why? Because most states have a 7- to 10-year statute of limitations on judgments. If you do not collect within that amount of time, you either have to let the judgment expire or go back to court to renew it. Experienced debtors know this.

The Vast Majority Go Unpaid

Persistence becomes even more important when you understand that the vast majority of judgments entered in U.S. court rooms go forever unpaid. We have posted other articles explaining why that is, so we will not go into the details here. Needless to say, successfully collected judgments are in the minority.

Here’s the thing to remember – you wouldn’t have had to get a judgment against a debtor who was more than willing to pay. Companies obtain judgments against individuals and organizations that are otherwise uncooperative. So if a lack of cooperation is what got you to civil court in the first place, it is reasonable to expect a similar lack of cooperation when it comes time to collect.

There are lots of reasons debtors resist. Here are just a few of them:

  • Lack of cash resources
  • A general unwillingness to pay
  • The belief that they are in the right.

Likewise, there are lots of ways for debtors to avoid paying. That is where companies like Judgment Collectors come in. We know all the tricks of payment and avoidance; we know how debtors attempt to shield their assets; we know all the ins and outs of wage garnishment, bank garnishment, asset seizure, skip tracing, etc.

A Persistent Fighter on Your Side

A good way to look at what we do is to compare it to the boxing ring. Boxing is a tough sport. It is not a sport one should get into if one is not persistent in the face of challenge. In the judgment collection game, both parties are like boxers. Both are in the ring, trying to land solid punches while also avoiding being hit. When two boxers’ skills are equal, the one who is more persistent tends to come out on the winning end.

Here at Judgment Collectors, we like to think of ourselves as championship fighters. We are incredibly persistent. We don’t give up no matter what debtors throw at us. Above and beyond our persistence, we also have an advantage in our skillset. Our highly experienced team has skills, knowledge, and tools debtors do not possess. That gives us an advantage in the ring against which they cannot defend.

We want to be a persistent fighter for you. We are on your side, working day and night to pursue unpaid judgments. In the end, persistence is what pays off. Who will be more persistent in your case?