Top 3 Benefits of Letting Us Collect Your Judgments

Top 3 Benefits of Letting Us Collect Your Judgments

You have gone to the trouble of taking someone the court for payment of an outstanding debt. You won the case and now have a judgment in your favor. What next? You can go it alone trying to work out some sort of payment with the debtor. You can leave collection to your attorney. If you are in any of the 11 states in which we are active, you can hire Judgment Collectors.

We are a collection agency that specializes in judgments. We do not handle any other kind of debt. Judgments are all we do. Does that mean you should hire us? That’s up to you to decide. But while you’re thinking about it, here are the top three benefits of letting us collect for you:

1. You Get Peace of Mind

A frequently forgotten benefit of hiring a judgment collection agency is peace of mind. If you are not sure how this applies, perhaps you’ve not tried to collect a judgment on your own before. Trust us when we say that it is stressful. Trying to collect is especially challenging for business owners whose staff is already small.

Hiring us to collect on your behalf offers peace of mind in the sense that you don’t have to worry about collection ever again. Once we take a case, we handle everything. We research the debtor, look for assets, and take other steps designed to encourage payment. Meanwhile, you and your staff are attending to your own customers.

2. Your Risks Are Immediately Limited

The second benefit of letting us collect judgments on your behalf is risk mitigation. Put another way, your risk of further loss is immediately limited – if not outright eliminated – once we take over. You do not spend another dime on collection. You don’t put another minute into it.

Risk is a serious thing in business. You have already encountered one loss by virtue of the fact that you have a debtor who hasn’t paid his bill. Does it seem wise to invest a lot of money in collection without any guarantee that your company will actually be paid?

How high would your company’s losses go if you pursued a judgment debtor for 10 years and still didn’t get satisfaction? That’s a lot of money to spend. It is a substantial risk to take. We limit that risk by assuming it on your behalf.

3. You Have Time for Other Things

When judgment debtors are particularly uncooperative, collection can almost become a full-time job. There is research to do. There are assets to search for. There are employers to contact and court documents to file. It all takes time that is better spent on other things.

Hiring Judgment Collectors means turning the entire responsibility of collecting over to us. We become the agent with authority to collect on your behalf. As your agent, we do all the legwork; we do all the proverbial heavy lifting. From research to filing forms and actually reaching out and contacting the debtor, we do it all.

Meanwhile, you are concentrating on taking care of your customers. You are putting all your time and effort into doing whatever it is you do best. You don’t have to put any time into collection because you know we have that covered.

Have you recently won a judgment? If so, contact Judgment Collectors right away. The longer you continue trying to collect on your own, the less likely you are to see the debt paid. Getting us involved early on offers peace of mind, risk mitigation, and time to do other things.