Knowing How and Where to Look Wins the Debt Collection Game

Knowing How and Where to Look Wins the Debt Collection Game

Every kind of competition involves players employing their individual strategies to win. Apply this concept to debt collection, and particularly judgments, and you discover something interesting: some strategies are more successful than others. Our big thing is knowing how and where to look for debtors and their assets.

Some judgment debtors treat collection as more of a sport than a legal obligation to pay on their part. That’s fine with us at Judgment Collectors. We can play the same game. The thing is that judgment collection is our specialty. We are experts. We are also sore losers. We do everything in our power to make sure we don’t lose.

Debtors Try to Avoid Us

The judgment collection game is made up of two primary competitors: a creditor seeking payment and a debtor trying to avoid the same. It is simple stuff. Debtors try to avoid us at all costs. They believe that if they can just hold out long enough, we will give up and walk away. We will not. But we don’t mind them thinking that.

Among the many ways debtors try to avoid us are the following:

  • Providing inaccurate contact information
  • Providing inaccurate employment information
  • Failing to report all their assets
  • Transferring assets to relatives
  • Moving (sometimes a great distance).

The list goes on and on. Honestly, very few strategies surprise us anymore. We handle judgment collection in Utah as well as many other states. There are very few scenarios we have not experienced at this point.

We Just Keep Looking

The secret to our debt collection success is to just keep looking until we find debtors and their assets. So many think they can hide when they have no idea of the types of tools available to us. They are completely unaware of the skills our team possesses. Fortunately, their ignorance leads them to do things that actually help us find them.

How do we do what we do? Let’s keep that our secret. There is no reason to give away the store, right? We can say that we have access to an extensive list of public and proprietary tools that tell us a lot about the people we are trying to find. Likewise for their assets.

When we combine those tools with computer technology and the internet, we have access to so much information that it’s mind-blowing to the uninitiated. If a debtor leaves any kind of digital trail out there, chances are we will find it.

How and Where Are Equally Important

The ‘how’ of what we do is wrapped up in the tools and technologies we make use of. But the ‘where’ is just as important. In other words, where do we look for information? Are we hoping to find property records, criminal records, etc.? Certain types of records require that we look in certain places. We know the best sources of information for each particular case.

Tying the right sources together with the right tools gets results. In case after case, we have been able to combine the ‘how’ with the ‘where’ to locate debtors who thought they had managed to get lost in the crowd. We have uncovered assets that have proved valuable as leverage in convincing debtors to pay.

We do not consider judgment collection a sport. However, we do know that many debtors do. And that being the case, knowing where and how to look is what wins the debt collection game for us and our clients. Looking for the right information through the right sources points us to victory more often than not. And we love to win.