Judgment Collectors Is Here When You’re Unwilling to Let It Go

Judgment Collectors Is Here When You're Unwilling to Let It Go

Winning a civil judgment establishes a legal debt and your right to collect it. It starts the ball rolling on what could be a long and drawn-out collection process. Enter Judgment Collectors. We are a collection agency specializing in judgments. We are here to step in when you are unwilling to let a judgment go.

The majority of civil judgments in the U.S. go forever unpaid. There are a variety of reasons for this, including the fact that some debtors are savvy enough to employ delay tactics long enough to frustrate a creditor into giving up and walking away. Such scenarios are unfortunate, but they are fairly common.

Perhaps this blog post got your attention because you are struggling to collect on a judgment you are unwilling to let go. You don’t want to give up and walk away, but you don’t know if you have any other choice. Before you make a decision, let us talk. If we can take your case, our team will get on it right away.

It’s Too Much Money to Lose

Some of our clients are unwilling to let their judgments go because said judgments represent too much money. It is one thing to let a few hundred dollars go; it’s an entirely different matter to give up on tens of thousands of dollars.

Whatever the dollar amount, a judgment that is important to you is also important to us. We can never promise to collect 100% of any outstanding debt, but we can promise that our clients do not pay a dime if we fail. We work on consignment, so you risk nothing by giving us the job.

It’s the Principle of the Thing

While many of our clients are unwilling to let their judgments go because of the dollar amounts involved, we do work with the occasional client who insists on pursuing collection because of the principle involved. The judgment in question has established a legal debt that the other party is obligated to pay. Principle dictates payment be made.

If this is your motivation for pressing on, no worries. We are less interested in why you want to collect and more interested in how we can make it happen. Our job is to do what we can to ensure you get the maximum amount.

Don’t Let Ignorance Be in Control

We could probably make the case that ignorance plays a big role in so many judgments going unpaid. Judgment creditors do not know how to go about collecting. They don’t know how to uncover hidden assets, track down elusive debtors, or use all the available collection tools to maximum advantage.

Ignorance can be a real hindrance to judgment collection. The most unfortunate thing is that judgment creditors will invest an enormous amount of time and effort only to come up empty. Years down the road, after they have already spent too much time and money, they are faced with the choice of either giving up or bringing in a third party.

The Sooner the Better

We are certainly willing to look at any case to see whether we can take it. But the truth is that it is better to get us involved sooner rather than later. The sooner we get on a case, the less the client has to spend. Bringing us in as early as possible means investing less time in fruitless collection efforts.

If you have a judgment you are unwilling to let go, we might be able to help. Let us talk about your case and see where it goes from there.