Collecting Judgments Causes Headaches – We Offer Pain Relief

Collecting Judgments Causes Headaches – We Offer Pain Relief

We are always looking for new and creative ways to explain what we do to new clients. Recently we hit on a perfect illustration: collecting judgments causes headaches. But Judgment Collectors offers effective pain relief. Are you intrigued? Then let’s unpack it.

Not As Easy As It Sounds

To the casual observer, collecting a judgment sounds pretty easy. The court rules in your favor, you walk out of the courtroom, and the debtor stands there with check in hand, right? Not so fast. Collection rarely happens this way. The mere fact that you need to take someone to court indicates collection probably isn’t going to be easy.

That is where the headaches start. From the moment the gavel falls, judgment creditors are bound to a strict set of rules regarding how they can go about collecting. Collecting is not a free-for-all. Unfortunately, it sometimes seems as though the law protects judgment debtors over their creditors. Therein lies yet another source of headaches.

Debtors Don’t Always Cooperate

Some of the headaches related to judgment collection are the result of debtors who do not want to cooperate. For example, just getting employment and contact information from a debtor can feel like pulling teeth. And just because you get information doesn’t mean it’s accurate.

You might be willing to work out a reasonable payment plan but the debtor resists. You don’t want to be aggressive, but they leave you little choice. You find yourself stressed and dealing with yet another headache.

There Are Legal Hoops to Jump Through

The headaches only continue when debtors fail to cooperate and creditors need to go back to the legal system to get writs of garnishment, judgment liens, and writs of seizure. Every legal hoop that needs to be jumped through only adds to the stress.

The entire process can represent one big stress headache for a judgment creditor who just wants to get paid and move on. Fortunately, Judgment Collectors is standing by with an amazingly effective pain reliever. What is that pain reliever? Turning your judgment over to us.

We Take the Headaches for You

In a healthcare setting, some pain relievers merely mask pain. They don’t do anything to address the root cause. When it comes to judgments however, masking pain is not something we believe in. We take the pain away by taking on all the stress and responsibility that comes with collecting. In other words, we take the headaches for you.

We spend the time scouring property records and other public databases. We spend the time searching social media looking for clues. We make the effort to track down elusive debtors and make contact. And along the way, we pay all our own costs.

The best way to explain it is to say this: when you turn your judgment over to us, you can stop worrying about it immediately. You can get back to whatever it is you need to do and let us handle collection on your behalf. Your headaches are instantly gone because we have taken them on.

Nothing to Lose But Your Headaches

Attempting to collect an outstanding judgment can be a real pain. It can be a headache – both literally and physically. Just remember that Judgment Collectors offers pain relief. We can stop those collection headaches.

Every collection case is unique, so we will have to review the details of your outstanding judgment before we can proceed. If you are ready to stop the headaches and get on with life, contact us right away. Let us get working on the pain relief you deserve.