Making the Case for Pragmatism in Judgment Collections

Winning a monetary award in a civil court case might leave a person feeling like they just won the lottery. Emotions can certainly run high when a judge’s gavel falls. But emotions are often short-lived thanks to the reality of enforcement efforts. It doesn’t take much for pragmatism to set in.

Taking a pragmatic approach to collecting judgments isn’t a bad thing. The other option is to make the collection a personal and emotional thing. That is not such a great idea. Becoming emotionally invested in a collection could lead to plenty of unhappiness if one’s efforts are not successful in short order.

Collection Often Takes Time

We believe there are several reasons to approach judgment collection with pragmatism. The first is as simple as understanding that collection often takes time. Judgment debtors are not always forthcoming about things like employment and assets. They rarely have enough cash lying around to make good on their debts. And even when they do cooperate by entering a payment plan, paying the debt over time could take years.

The collection process can be hindered by lots of things, including:

  1. Lack of cooperation with interrogatories.
  2. Insufficient income for garnishing.
  3. The debtor practicing delay tactics.
  4. The need to search for undisclosed assets.
  5. Additional delays required by the court system.

Most states place a statute of limitations on judgment collection ranging from 7-10 years. At first glance, even a 7-your statute of limitations might seem like overkill. After all, why would it take that long to collect? But the reality is that sometimes it does. That is why a pragmatic approach to collections is invaluable.

It’s Just Business

We trust you are familiar with the phrase ‘it’s just business’. We use it to let other parties know that the actions being taken against them are not personal. In the judgment collection game, treating collections as a business is the best way to go. Getting personally wrapped up in a case only makes doing what is necessary harder.

Becoming personally invested to the point of allowing one’s emotions to control decisions is a recipe for disaster. It can lead to plenty of sleepless nights and unproductive days. It could also lead to giving up prematurely on collections even – though there is still plenty of time left.

So what’s the solution? If it is just business, the way to avoid all the pitfalls that come with a collection is to turn a case over to a business that specializes in it. Judgment Collectors is one such business. We are a Salt Lake City judgment collection agency active in Utah and ten other states.

Collection Is Our Business

Judgment collection is our business. It is all we do. We utilize the latest tools and strategies to locate debtors and their assets. We work on behalf of our clients, doing all the legwork and heavy lifting so they don’t have to. Our clients do not have to personally invest themselves any longer. They can continue doing what they do best while leaving us to collect for them.

If you have been trying to collect an outstanding judgment on your own, trust us when we say that we know how difficult it is. But the truth is this: you do not have to continue frustrating yourself with unsuccessful collection efforts. Take a pragmatic approach and turn the judgment over to us.

Pragmatism serves us well. We take a business-like approach to what we do. Best of all, we work on consignment. You do not pay if we don’t succeed, so turning your judgment over to us is absolutely risk-free. Contact us to learn more.