Let Us Spend Our Money to Collect Your Judgment

Let Us Spend Our Money to Collect Your Judgment

Judgments would be the perfect tool for collecting bad debts if judgment debtors paid promptly. But they don’t. Far too often, judgment creditors spend a ton of money on collection efforts only to come up empty. If that sounds like your company’s experience, why not change things? Let us spend our money to collect your judgment.

Though it sounds too good to be true, we cover the costs of everything we do as a judgment collection agency. That means the minute you turn a judgment over to us you don’t spend another dime on collection. We handle everything. Best of all, you do not pay us if we don’t succeed.

We Work on Consignment

For all intents and purposes, we work on consignment. Turning a judgment over to us gives us the legal authority to collect on your behalf. We get paid by charging a fee for our services. But if we don’t collect from the judgment debtor, you don’t owe us anything. It is a good deal for you. Likewise, it is motivating for us. More on that in a minute.

In addition to not spending another dime on collection, turning an unpaid judgment over to Judgment Collectors is ultimately a risk-free decision. You don’t risk further losses by absorbing collection costs and never getting paid. We take the risk by covering our own collection costs.

Risk-free collections are the way to go. Your company already has enough risks to pay attention to, and you don’t need the added burden of spending a lot of money on collection efforts only to get nothing in the end. It is just an unnecessary risk your company doesn’t need to take.

We Are Motivated to Succeed

Here at Judgment Collectors, we see the consignment model as a win-win scenario. You win in the sense that you immediately eliminate your risk of exposure by assigning an unpaid judgment to us. We win in the sense that consignment motivates us to succeed. It motivates us to do the best job we can on behalf of our clients.

Judgment Collectors is a business just like yours. We are in business to make money. But we can’t do so if we fail to collect. So by choosing the consignment model, we have decided to use payment as a strong motivation to perform. And perform we do.

Our team has decades of combined experience. We have the knowledge and tools to locate debtors, find their assets, and make contact with them. Best of all, we have a proven track record.

How It Works

We try to keep things as uncomplicated as possible. With that in mind, the process of turning your judgments over to our team is pretty simple. It starts by contacting us to let us know what you are looking at.

We review your case based on the documentation you provide. We then make you an offer based on what we believe represents a reasonable effort to collect. If you accept our offer, we will get started on your case right away. Should you choose not to accept it, we will both go our separate ways with no harm done.

We are willing to spend our own money because we believe in ourselves as collectors. We also believe that the consignment model is best for our clients. It’s a way they can access proven and reliable debt collection services without unnecessary risk. If that appeals to you, let’s talk.

Judgment Collectors is based in Utah. We are currently active in 11 states in the Midwest, Southwest, and Pacific Northwest. We would be interested in discussing your case at your earliest convenience.