Idaho Judgments: Why They Are Best Left to Collection Agencies

Like courts in every other state, Idaho courts render civil judgments just about every day. Many of those judgments are monetary judgments, meaning one party is ordered to pay a monetary award to the other. They are the types of judgments we specialize in. We assist clients in Idaho in their efforts to collect what is rightfully owed to them.

In our professional opinion, it is best to leave Idaho judgments to a collection agency with the experience and knowledge to do the job. Judgment creditors often attempt to collect on their own, only to not achieve the desired results. They invest time, money, and effort and still come up short. We are confident that most judgment creditors really don’t want things to turn out that way.

The Process Takes Time

There are plenty of reasons to leave monetary judgments to a collection agency like Judgment Collectors. Time is one of them. Pursuing judgment debtors often takes time. It takes time to gather information and search for assets. It takes time to make contact. If any additional legal maneuvering is required, motions and filings take time as well.

It has been our experience that judgment creditors value their time. They would rather invest it in more important things. The last thing a creditor needs is to spend time working on a judgment only to not get paid the full amount.

Knowledge and Skill Are a Big Plus

From a purely legal standpoint, any judgment creditor and its representatives could undertake collection efforts. But that is like saying that anybody can pick up a set of golf clubs and go play eighteen holes. If you hope to be successful at either endeavor, you need both knowledge and skill.

A lot goes into tracking down judgment creditors and their assets. As a collection agency that specializes in judgments, we have the knowledge and skill to be effective in both. We also have access to proven tools. Most judgment creditors cannot say the same. They go into collections with insufficient knowledge and very little skill. Their results prove as much.

Diligence and Determination Pay Off

Rare is the case in which a judgment debtor comes to court ready and willing to pay up. In most cases, judgment creditors need to keep at it for months or years if they hope to get paid. Therein lies the big trap: being continually delayed until you throw up your hands and walk away.

When it comes to collecting monetary judgments, diligence and determination pay off. Judgments can be enforced for 10 years in Idaho. The question is whether a judgment creditor is willing to pursue collections for that long.

Diligence and determination are hallmarks of the collection industry. Here at Judgment Collectors specifically, we are motivated by our payment model to be as diligent and determined as humanly possible. If we do not collect, we don’t get paid.

We Work on Consignment

We cannot speak about other collection agencies and how they get paid, but we work on consignment. That means we undertake collection efforts on your behalf while you maintain full ownership and control over the judgment in question. We also assume responsibility for all the costs we incur. You pay nothing until we collect. And if we fail to collect, you don’t owe us a penny.

Collecting a judgment can be a bumpy ride. Success does not come easy, which is why we recommend leaving Idaho judgments to knowledgeable and experienced collection agencies. Judgment Collectors is one such agency. We would be happy to take a look at your case.