How Much Have You Spent Trying to Collect that Judgment?

How Much Have You Spent Trying to Collect that Judgment

Winning a judgment against a debtor should be a cause for celebration. It should be a victory of sorts. But far too often, the satisfaction of winning is short-lived because the debtor has no intention of paying. If you are currently in that position, we have a question for you: how much have you spent trying to collect on that judgment?

It is a safe bet you felt elated when the court found in your favor. With the fall of the judge’s gavel, you expected to be able to collect payment and put the issue behind you. Things are different now. You and your staff are caught in a never-ending cycle of trying to collect from a debtor who doesn’t want to pay. Worse yet, you are spending a ton of money and getting nothing in return. It is time to contact Judgment Collectors.

Time Is Money

Collecting on outstanding judgments is a time-consuming enterprise. We know. It’s our business. But we also know that judgment collection is not your business. Every minute you and your staff put into collection costs money. Every hour goes on the time card and eventually into your employee’s paychecks.

Wouldn’t that time be better spent on tasks that actually generate revenue for your company? Of course it would. You are paying your employees to produce products or services that earn your company money. You shouldn’t be paying them to collect from debtors who owe your company.

Customer Service Is Money

We all know that time is money. But guess what? So is customer service. When you take care of your customers, you increase the chances that they will return to do business with you again. Fail to take care of them and they will take their business elsewhere.

What does this have to do with collecting judgments? Everything. If your team is putting their efforts into tracking down debtors and getting them to pay, they are not pulling enough effort into serving your customers. That’s not the way it should be. Your customers should be your employees’ top priority.

Stop Spending Today

We want you to know that you can get off the judgment collection hamster wheel by turning your outstanding judgments over to us. You don’t have to spend another dime. You do not have to invest another minute. You and your team can start putting your resources back into your own business.

Letting us handle your judgments immediately relieves your company of all financial obligations. We cover our own costs. We invest the financial resources necessary to track down your debtors and work out payment. Most importantly, you only pay if we succeed.

We Work on Contingency

Judgment Collectors prefers to work on the contingency model. All that means is that we do not purchase judgments for pennies on the dollar. Rather, we undertake collection efforts on behalf of our clients. Clients are billed contingent on our success. Our model is very similar to the one employed by personal injury attorneys who don’t get paid if they do not win their cases.

The contingency model benefits you in two ways. First, it guarantees that you truly do not spend another dime on collection efforts. Second, it increases your chances of getting paid for the simple fact that we don’t like to work for free. It is in our best interests to do everything we can to succeed. When we succeed, we both get paid.

How much have you spent trying to collect unpaid judgments? Probably too much. Well, you can stop spending today. Let us handle your judgments instead.