Collecting a Judgment Doesn’t Have to Be Emotionally Draining

Big corporations have entire collection departments staffed by people who do nothing but go after bad debts. But when it is just you trying to collect as a small business owner, going after bad debts can be emotionally draining. We see it time and again in our industry. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Collecting a judgment does not need to be an exercise in emotional exhaustion.

How do you avoid the emotional turmoil that comes with trying to collect bad debts? You do what you can to ensure you do not become emotionally invested. One of the best ways to do so where judgments are concerned is to bring in a collection agency like Judgment Collectors. Collecting judgments is what we do.

The Causes of Emotional Distress

On the outside looking in, it doesn’t seem logical that small business owners would find themselves emotionally drained by having to collect bad debts. But unless you have actually been in that position, you have no idea. Small business owners experience a range of emotions that can actually get the best of them if collection efforts persist for a long time.

Here are just some of the causes of the emotional distress associated with collecting judgments:

1. Feeling like the Bad Guy

Small business owners are all pretty similar in terms of not wanting to be the bad guy. What small business owner, especially one who knows his customers personally, wants to come off as an aggressive debt collector unwilling to show any mercy? We don’t know of any. Small business owners simply want to keep their customers happy. They do not want to be the enemy. Unfortunately, having to chase down bad debts makes many small business owners feel exactly that way.

2. Not Understanding Why or How

It is also pretty common for small business owners to not understand why or how trusted customers could do this to them. This particular cause of emotional distress is even worse when the customer in question has always been loyal. Why the sudden change? Why is the customer suddenly avoiding paying his bill?

3. Fears of the Consequences

Yet another cause of emotional distress is fears related to the consequences of debt collection. No small business owner wants to lose business over bad debt. When customers are friends, there is also the fear of losing those friendships. Sometimes the fear is strong enough to motivate a small business owner to just forget about the debt and move on.

Let Someone Else Handle Collection

The emotional stress that comes with debt collection can be devastating for a small business owner not prepared to manage it. But as we said earlier on in this post, things do not have to be that way. There is a way to collect an outstanding judgment without turning it into emotional baggage. That way is to let someone else handle collection. Enter Judgment Collectors.

What we do boils down to a service. It is a service no different to any other service one business would offer to another. One of the advantages we offer is the fact that we don’t get emotionally invested in what we do. Our cases are business transactions. As such, we do everything in our power to ensure that we wind up with happy customers.

If you are struggling to collect an outstanding judgment, we offer a tried-and-true solution. Reach out and let us know what you’re working on. We will review your case to see if there is any way we can help. What do you to lose except all that emotional distress?